San Francisco Firefighter Stair Climb

 Trans America Pyramid

July 17th, 2014

Great Climb on Saturday.  We had an energetic crowd who helped us raise funds for great causes this year.  We are looking forward to 2014 and hope everyone will be joining us next summer. We have the results posted, you can follow the link listed on the left side of the page.

This is the inaugural Firefighter Stair Climb for the Bay Area.  Combining Firefighters inherent giving nature with their competitive spirit is a winning combination.  We are pleased to be raising funds for some great causes during this event.  Firefighters are on the front lines of devastating burn injuries that befall people at critical times.  We have selected 3 causes that work together in treatment and recovery of major burned victims.       


Bothin Burn Center
Alisa Ann Ruch Foundation
San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program

Pledge Now 

Firefighters will be participating in full Firefighter Gear (Bunker Gear) with donned SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and breathing air    

  • It is a timed event for each individual
  • The fastest 3 finishing members of each department make up each Department's Team
  • There will be a Relay event in which a team of 4 Firefighters will climb for time to the top while carrying a specific hose bundle.
  • Squad 7 is a special group reserved for VIP's, significant sponsors, and celebrity endorsers that have a unique chance to participate in this event alongside other firefighters.  These individuals will be offered an opportunity for time at a fire station to become familiar with the firefighting gear, ride along on the trucks, and bond with the crew prior to the event. 


Law Enforcement and Military:

We are proud to offer our brothers in law enforcement and the military an opportunity to climb with Firefighters for some great causes.  Officers of the law are welcome to participate in this charity stair climb and are allowed to carry gear that is commensurate to their respective careers.

Examples of police or military gear may include ordinary uniform, SWAT, Riot or Tactical gear.  Officers and troops will be allowed to carry weapons on the climb.  There will be no live ammunition allowed inside the building.  We are working with respective departments to ensure proper procedures to ensure weapons clear.

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We encourage participating departments to involve their fire arms instructor or Training Officer to contact us for integration of procedures prior to start of climb.

The Trans American Pyramid is an amazing facility.  This is an especially unique chance for us to climb one of the most secured buildings in San Francisco.

There is space available for departments to bring equipment for display also.  We are arranging parking space such vehicles as SWAT apparatus or command units.

Please contact Gary Allender if you have any questions.


Auxilary Participants:

San Francisco Auxiliary Climb – This climb is for firefighters friends and family, friends and volunteers of the charities benefitting from this climb, and friends of the fire service that want to support the climb.  Participants will be dressed in a manner appropriate to running 48 floors.  From shorts and t-shirts to some spare bunker gear.  Let's run some stairs in a historic building for a good cause.  All Participants are encouraged to attend the pre and post events.

 Date:    July 17th, 2014    
 Time:   10am start    
 Location:   Trans America Pyramid Building    
Address:  600 Montgomery Street
Floors to Climb:  48 Floors    
 Post Event:  Taverna Aventine 
 Awards presentation:  During the post event function    
 Target Participation:  200 Firefighters 100 Auxiliary    
 Fund Raising:  Individual and Team, online fundraising pages  


The Trans America Pyramid is the tallest building in San Francisco.  We are very pleased that the building management company Cushman Wakefield along with Universal Protection, the buildings security company have opened their doors to us for this fun event. 

Registrations entered before July 12th will ensure a participant Tee Shirt will be present at the climb.  Entries made online or at the event will require the participant to pick up their participant Tee Shirt at a later time.

Event participants will all receive a 2014 San Francisco Firefighter Stair Climb tee shirt, a meal ticket for free lunch at the Post Event BBQ, and discounted drinks during the Post Event Party at Taverna Aventine.

The 5th Alarm Events team is working in conjunction with multiple organizations to build an entire experience for Firefighters who choose to participate in the climb and raise money for worthy causes.  We are working with the San Francisco Giants on Firefighter Appreciation Day scheduled for July 16th.  We will be present, hosting a Firefighter's BBQ, prior to the Friday night game to promote our event along with raising awareness of our chosen causes.  We will be expanding the supporting events in coming years in order to attract out of state and out of country participants.


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